Stanley Pickle and his juggernaut existence…

Stanley Pickle is still moving and shaking all over the world- last week we screened on an outdoor super screen in Australia. Coming up in March we’ve been officially selected for the 36th Cleveland International Film Festival- we got a mention on indiewire in a short list of what’s HOT in Cleveland this year. Other screenings include: UFO 0110 in New Delhi (Indian Premiere), Regard sur le court-metrage au Saguenay, Quebec (Canadian Premiere), Watersprite Film Festival at Cambridge University, Post Alley Film Festival in Seattle and Taos Shorts Fest in New Mexico. Stanley Pickle continues to screen on Virgin Atlantic flights as part of the Virgin Atlantic Film Festival in the sky, we’ve had a few images from people watching from the clouds- it’s very cool to know that our film is still making people smile- worldwide.

Here are a selection of posters for next month just for laughs. Click the image for the Stanley Pickle website: